Pineapple Siblings is Saying Goobye

Dear Readers,

After close to three years of blogging about adoption here, I am closing the doors on Pineapple Siblings. It quickly became clear that my adoption-related posts will fit in better alongside all my other writing topics, so I am going to combine and at my brand new site, I hope you will all follow along and continue to read at my new site! Thank you for your continued support.

See you there!

Caroline Kraft


“She looks just like you!”

When I go out in public with my little siblings, we often face an awkward conundrum. Though we walk in a little clump through the isles of Target or the grocery store and all pour in and out of the same car, strangers often mistakenly think we are not together. It wouldn’t take that much […]


Old Movies with an Adoption Theme

I love an old movie. Give me Cary Grant over Channing Tatum any day. But old movies aren’t known for being “politically correct” or even socially appropriate. This is exactly why I’ve been surprised by these old movies with an adoption theme I’ve come across. Here are my reviews of three oldies: 1. My Blue […]